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ArtCenter South Florida
Established in 1984, ArtCenter South Florida aims to advance the knowledge and practice of contemporary visual arts and culture in South Florida through education, exhibition and public outreach programming and to provide affordable work-space for outstanding visual artists in all stages of career development.
More at artcentersf.org.

FAN – Funding Arts Network
A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the visual and performing arts programs offered in Miami-Dade County through member-supported grants to arts providers, capacity-building workshops for grant applicants, and forums for members which foster arts involvement, appreciation, and awareness.
More at fundingartsnetwork.org.

Lotus House
A quiet enclave in the heart of one of Miami´s poorest neighborhoods providing shelter and support, the Lotus House offers a sanctuary from life on the streets - a place where the minds, bodies and spirits of women & infants most in need are supported and nurtured.
More at lotushouseshelter.org

Venessa Monokian
The official photographer of Shedding the Shadows, Monokian is classically trained as a photographer, and is also a new media artist. Her work is motivated by a quest to understand how we learn and how we are taught, stemming from a realization that these two do not always coincide in real life. Monokian has shown extensively in the last few years, holds an MFA in Visual Arts from Florida International University, and is an Artist-in-Residence at ArtCenter South Florida.
More at monokian.com.